9 okt. 2010


I have always been a fool for great bicycles since the early 80s BMX craze. Last week we had our annual village fleamarket in front of my door, woke up at 5, barely alive until this guy puts this killer bike for sale on his stall just across the street. Did'nt need any coffee or smokes to wake up when I saw it.

8 okt. 2010


Everybody knows Turnhout is "the" Rock'n'Roll capital of Belgium by now. Next to amazing festivals the last decades and the worlds biggest Rock'n'Roll Barcrawl "Rockin' Around Turnhout" we welcome the 1st Turnhout Rootsnight!! Second edition will be early 2011, so check back soon for more info and poster art .

TRIGGERFINGER All This Dancin' Around

Just finished the artwork for the new TRIGGERFINGER release All This Dancin' Around. Streetdate for the CD is november 15th, but make sure to pre-order your copy here. Also be on the lookout for a special limited edition vinyl/CD combo!!!


No need to tell you again what an Ever Meulen fan I am.. don't care about the band Telex (if you were wondering why this is the second cover of this band onhere)


32 roadsters was all I could think of for days since I sold mine.. good reason to make a 32 Rockwells Speedshop design


OK, I'm back!! It looks like I've been on holiday for a month since my last post but sadly it isn't. Besides a week of amazing quality time and fun with great friends in sunny Spain a pile of work was waiting for me in the studio. I also decided to sell my 32 roadster as a good new owner crossed my path a few weeks ago. The car resides now in the South of France... enjoy it to the max Charles... drive it like you stole it!