17 jan. 2011


Congratz to Dirk Wolf for winning the Lex Van Rossen Award for best European Music Photography for TRIGGERFINGER.
A word from the jury: “depict outstandingly the atmosphere of the city and the trip. The photos look just as sunny and sultry like Los Angeles itself. They show the ultimate dream of any band from Belgium or Holland: for recording your album off to sunny LA. Wolf doesn’t show the members of the band as tough rockers but like men on a holiday, in the sun, enjoying the weather and the environment they were in. You’d expect blood sweat and tears in a report like this but that’s not what you see. In that sense these are surprising photographs. As a report it works very well too: the band arrives, hangs around and leaves again. The circle is closed”.

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Peter zei

Waren inderdaad erg goeie fotootjes....